Mention the word ‘outsourcing’ in a room full of business owners and it’s bound to cause some friction. Neither Karen or myself are gamblers, but we’d say it’s a fair bet some of the following comments would be thrown around:

Go to the Phillipines, it’s so cheap.

I used a VA for a while, but it really wasn’t worth my while.

I use Fiverr all the time.

I can’t afford to outsource.

I wouldn’t know what to outsource even if I could afford it.

We’ve heard them all, and then some! Everyone has their own story, opinion and 9 times out of 10, a bad ending to their outsourcing story (or worse yet, haven’t started). But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Having learnt our fair share of business lessons ourselves, we’re keen to help others outsource correctly the first time, or do it properly if giving it another go. Your outsourcing adventure should have a great beginning, middle and sequel to the next chapter of your business, so here’s a few questions to consider before creating a hugely successful outsourcing story and make your business more functional, resourceful and profitable.

The beginning

Ask yourself why you want to outsource in the first place. Are you outsourcing the right roles within your business to ensure you increase earning potential? Also consider who you’re outsourcing to – ask plenty of questions, request previous work examples and references. A good place to start is our Outsourcing Report to help determine what you should be outsourcing and where your business processes can be improved before doing so.

Set out with the same intention and processes you would if they were a staff member.

The middle

Brief thoroughly with clear expectations. Have you implemented systems to effectively measure performance? How are you growing the relationship alongside the growth of your business? How are they being integrated into your business?

Think about the handover process and automate systems and communication as much as possible to avoid doubling up.

The end

There shouldn’t be one! Whether it’s a short term project or ongoing assistance within your business, your outsourcing story is about writing the next chapter of your business growth. Use it as part of your growth plan and be rewarded with greater efficiency, more time to focus on your income earning activities, and even a little spare time to pick up a sidelined project or interest.


Thinking of starting your outsourcing journey but not sure where to start? Contact us for an obligation free chat as we’d love to help get you started.


Lyndall Taylor
As your first point of contact at Ozsourced, Lyndall provides effective time management and outsourcing solutions for growing businesses through her business Life StyleLists, in between managing the daily operations of a growing ecommerce business.

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